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My Music

Two pieces i composed: The following i'm making available to give you an idea of what it sounded like. It sounded beautiful on the instrument on which i composed it, but my software synth does not handle fading:
Here's me playing the oud back in 1989. This is three pieces. (Sorry, haven't broken this up yet.) The first piece is played twice. I'll chop it up later:

Arabic Music

Having lived in Egypt and attended the Higher Institute of Arabic Music (Egyptian Academy of Arts) for two years, you could say that I'm kind of "into" Arabic music. In the future I hope to use this site to provide links concerning Arabic and other Middle Eastern music. For now, suffice it to provide you with a link to Kan Zaman, the community Arabic music ensemble in Los Ángeles.

Indian Music

Look the All India Site's music and dance page, dealing with sites related to Indian music.
Last updated February 9, 2006.