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  • Several Afrikaans newspapers are available at News24.com. All of them require an inexpensive paid subscription to the Kudu Club.
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  • My streaming audio page.
  • WCPE, classical music station in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • Nashe (Nashe Radio), Moscow popular music station. Sonja's fave.
  • Direct link to Radio France Internationale live stream in French.
  • Direct link to Radio Canada Internationale live stream in French.
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Bulbul's Pages
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Computer Hardware
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Computer News
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Computer Viruses and Hoaxes
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This section is for on-line desktops, personalized portals, on-line storage services, hosted applications, and so on.
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  • UEA -- Universala Esperanto-Asocio.
  • ELNA -- Esperanto League for North America.
  • Ilo, kiun verkis mi, por tajpi ĝustajn Esperantoj literojn ene de la navigilo.
  • My Esperanto home page. My Esperanto links page.
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Leiden restaurants:
  • De Branderij, Middelweg 7, 2312, KE Leiden. Good food, old, interesting interior, with woodwork from old churches (or something like that).
  • Dende, Nieuwe Rijn 5, 2312 JB. Good salads, has edible-sounding vegetarian fare.
  • Djebena, Noordeinde 21, 2311 CA. Eritrean restaurant. I always get the lamb thang, which is called something like siga baghe.
  • Hooykist, Hooigracht 49, 2312 KP Leiden. Old, cosy restaurant. Beer of the month!
  • In den Bierbengel.
  • Mej. Janssen, Gangetje 6, 2311 ER Leiden. Delicious food. Monthly three-course menu with three choices for each course.
  • Pannekoekenhuysje Oudt Leyden, Steenstraat 49, 2312 BV. Yummy pancakes. (Favourite: spek appel kaas "bacon apple cheese".)
  • Porto Pino.
  • Sorrento, Watersteeg 2 (hoek Hooigracht/Hogewoerd), 2311 HZ. Excellent Italian restaurant. The vegetarian pastas are particularly yummy.
  • Artikel 461 Verboden Toegang, Kaiserstraat 7, 2311 GN. Fun atmosphere. The place is decked out with "no entry", "no fishing", "by permit only", etc. signs from around the world and has a similarly themed menu.
  • Vooraf en Toe, Botermarkt 9 2311 EM. Light fair, no dinner (except Thursday, with an excellent choice of three dinners), open only until early evening. Good salads, sandwiches, and Belgian beers.
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Of course i have more friends then this! Most of them just don't have websites.
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Language Resources
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African languages: American languages: Asian languages: European languages: International/artificial languages: General:
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Not exactly linguistics, but... Some linguistics departments: Here are the home pages of some linguists who work on Bantu languages: Alexandre Kimenyi, Nancy Kula, Jochen Zeller, Sabine Zerbian. I am only listing pages that have interesting content (such as links to projects and papers or photos). This is why there are so few listed here.
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Please pronounce it "LINN-uks". (See also Linux software on this page.)

General sites: Linux magazines:
Linux Software
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Linux distributions: Places to find Linux software:
  • Fresh Meat. Info on new Linux software, updated daily.
  • GNU, home of many things including the Emacs text editor, the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program), the gcc compilers, the Gnome desktop environment, and the Window Maker window manager.
  • RPMFind.net.
  • SourceForge.
Commercial sources of software: Specific applications:
  • Gnome. (Pronounce the "g", please.)
  • KDE, the K Desktop Environment.
  • Easy Software Products, makers of ESP Print Pro, a commercial CUPS-based software package for Linux and Unix.
Hardware compatibility:
Los Angeles
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Additional links pertaining to Los Angeles can be found under "Film" and "Transit" on this page. 
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I'll be in Leiden, the Netherlands until at least August 2007, at Leiden University. Some informational links in English: Links in Dutch:
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Local news links have been moved to the " Los Angeles" section on this page.  News magazines:
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Portland, Oregon
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Programming Languages
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HTML: Java: JavaScript: Latex and Tex typesetting mark-up languages: Prolog: Python: Unicode: XML:
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News outlets: Other:
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  • Los Angeles MTA, schedules available.
  • Santa Mónica's Big Blue Bus, schedules available.
  • NAPTA: National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates. Includes pages where you can send messages to your senators and representatives in support of transit legislation.
  • APTA: American Public Transit Association.
Web Authoring
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Web Hosts and Domain Registrars
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  • Isolezwe, daily newspaper. The very best site in Zulu. Almost the only site in Zulu.
  • Ukhozi FM radio station.

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