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  • WebShell file manager. Please note the following:
    • To use WebShell you must first log in. A FizzyLogic login session lasts two hours. After two hours the session will expire and you will need to log in again.

    • WebShell is under development, so you may find glitches. Currently you may upload and delete files and create, delete, and change directories. There is as yet no way to rename or move files or directories. The mkfile function is used only for debugging the program. In the future, and as time permits, new features will be added to WebShell including: renaming files and directories, moving files to different directories, and downloading a file from the /private directory. Features will also be added to minimize the amount of clicking needed to use the program.

    • File names may not contain the space (" ") character.

    • You root directory (/) is a virtual directory, and as such you cannot actually put files in it or create subdirectories in it. To upload a file or create a directory, you must first be in either the /www directory or the /private directory. Any files you put in the /www directory will be accessible from the web. Suppose your FizzyLogic user name is fred. If you upload a file named activities.html to your /www directory. It can be accessed from a web browser using the url http://www.fizzylogic.com/users/fred/activities.html.

      The /private directory is for storage of files you don't want to be accessible on the web. This feature will not be useful until a download function is added to WebShell. We suggest that you refrain from using your /private directory until more functions become available.

    • In your /www directory (and its subdirectories), you may view files by clicking on icon next to the file name in the directory listing. To download the file, right-click on the icon instead of left-clicking.

    • You are allotted 3 megabytes of space.